Vb Script to EXE Converter

Hello everybody,

I got a lot of emails asking about VBS2EXE and how it works and how it started ?.

Vbs2Exe started as an internal developing tool at xNeat Inc., I use it to develop xNeat's Programs & by time it became more mature and I thought in releasing it to public.

Now regarding vbs2exe and how it works ?

VBS2EXE is simply another wscript.exe ( wscript.exe execute vbs files under windows ) and instead of passing the script file as argument to wscript.exe , it is embedded in the exe itself as a recourse.

And the recourse itself is encrypted using 128 key.

Also we exposed a COM object named XNHost, through which you can call win32 API.

Another question I got is how the EXE is generated using php ?

Though at first glance it seems impossible to write a compiler using php but the idea is very simple :), We have an EXE template on our server. the php script updates it's recourse then encrypt it ( very simple )

Now comes the most important Qes: why all this ?

for me I did so because, I HATE the gui coding using c#, vc++ very boring. so currently I wrote my core applications as dlls and my GUI using HTML & JScript ( with the ability to call win32 API from jscript, which mean I can call my dlls easily ).

for others there still a lot:
  • if you want to call win32API no need to use dynacall.dll which require COM registration and means extra dll beside your vbs. also dynacall doesn't support win32 Struct.
  • hide / encrypt your vbs files ( I have a friend of mine who liked vbs2exe a lot since he will be able to encrypt the vbs files before he delivers them to his clients.(he works in deploying management system )
  • if you write your application using .hta, you will have a lot of warnings especially if you run it under windows Vista, vbs2exe doesn't suffer from this.
That is all :)

I am open to questions or suggestions at the forum