Vb Script to EXE Converter

For VBS & JScript the APIs are available through XNHost Object
For HTA & HTML the APIs are available through window.external Object

  • LoadDll: used to load win32 dll either in XNeat process or in any window process
  • Struct: used to create win32 struct
  • Call: used to call win32 API in XNeat process space.
  • GetLastError: get the value returned by GetLastError API for the last called API.
  • CreateObject: used to create COM object, bypass some of Vista restrictions.
  • Sleep: same as WScript.Sleep.
  • Echo: same as WScript.Echo.
  • Resize[ HTML Only ]: resize the HTML window.
  • OpenPage[ HTML Only ]: open a new window.
  • Window[ HTML Only ]: get a handle to the main window.