Encrypting VBScript code ( vbs to vbe )

If you use vbscript to automate tasks that reuire username and password, then anyone who get access to your PC can get your password by simply opening it in any windows editor like Notepad.exe.

Thanks God, Microsoft is aware of this problem and it provides a tool for encrypting vbs file so the script is hardly (but not possible) read by others.

I will guide you step by step on how to achieve that

1- You have to download the microsfot script encoder tool from here, download Screnc.exe
2- Now from the windows command line (cmd.exe) issue the below command
Assuming you want to convert test.vbs to test.vbe then the command line should look something like the command below
"screnc.exe C:\temp\test.vbs c:\temp\test.vbe"
Though vbe encryption seems to be a good way to encrypt your vbscript source code, still anyone with enough scripting background decrypt it !! ( search google for vbe decryption )

For better protection you may consider protect your VBS by convert it to EXE.
Why don't you give it a try ? Download vbs encryptor